How To Unclog Ac Drain On A 2003 Porsche 911

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Accessing evaporator drain / liquid "sloshing" sound, '04 v8 phaeton, '08 vw eos, '84 porsche 911 targa, '07 fj cruiser, '16 cadillac elr 08-01-2011 10:59 am #6 just a thought, could be the drain for the pan that collects the air conditioning water be plugged?. 997 air leak diagnosis, Porsche 911 air conditioning system removal how to use an over the counter ac recharge canister to get your air conditioning to blow cold how to unclog your car ac drain line. 996 c2 cab leaking condesate water - 996 series (carrera, If the water doesn't drain freely then you probably have one or more obstuctions inside the drain tube. i cleared mine by blowing the clogs out with compresed air. the backed up water acted as a plunger and shot a pile of crud to the ground.. Drain duct cleaning - 9pa, 9pa1 (cayenne, cayenne , If clogged drains is a common problem with cayenne, is there a diy on clearing the drain duct? i would hate to spend $175 having the dealer clear the drain whenever i visit them. i would hate to spend $175 having the dealer clear the drain whenever i visit them..

Water leaks cabriolet tops due clogged drains, I 2003 boxster puddle water carpet floor passenger side. reading clogged drains simple unclog locate .. Porsche cayenne: , water on…, Hi, water feet spilling central console drivers footwell. noticed passenger side damp. research due raining long time ac drain clogged. read located passenger side wheel arch cover.. On 2002 porsche 911, condensate drain line, There drain car condensation ac, plugged, coat hanger clear drain aug 06, 2009 | 2002 porsche 911 2 answers. Water passenger side floor - easy fix, If experiencing water passenger side floor car truck, ' antifreeze, 99% time simple fix: unclog exit tube ac..