InlinePRO M-series Head Stud Set - F20C/F22C

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Our F20/22C M-series M12 Extreme Duty head studs are made from a JIS super alloy with high nickel content.  We developed these to replace the L19 and H11 head studs which retailed for $549.  These are not prone to hydrogen embrittlement like the L19/H11.  Also, it can be handled and used over and over without worrying about failures.  It's currently being used in the fastest and highest horsepower S2000 in the world.  It handles up to 80 pounds of boost making 1800-2000hp.  We used a true beam design all the way through the stud (it's not necked down like others) and you get a very positive feel when it's torqued. 

The kit includes:

-M12 studs

-M12 washers

-M12 nuts